Von Neumann Defense Force will be a multiplayer game about freedom, adventure, and hard choices. Set in a post-apocalyptic solar system, each player will control their own spacecraft, struggling for survival in a grim environment full of dangers.

Featuring realistic space travel; intelligent, strategic and skill-driven gameplay; and harsh consequences for making the wrong choice, Von Neumann Defense Force won't be a game for everyone. It won't hold your hand, won't send you on quests, and won't guide you on a carefully designed path of advancement. It will be a much rawer, less diluted experience.

All of this will be set in a single, constantly running game world where you play with - or against - the other players.

The project has been put on hold, and it's very unlikely it will ever be finished. If you're interested in what it was all about, you can do so by reading the old newsletters.